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Computation of the Particular Organic Carbon product produced from the Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative v4.2 dataset

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Computation of the Particulate Organic Carbon (POC) v4.2 products on geographic and sinusoidal projections at 4 km resolution are based on the empirical remote sensing reflectance (Rrs) band ratio algorithm by Stamski et al. (2008): 203.2*Rrs(443)/Rrs(555)^-1.034. The Rrs at 443 and 555 nm were obtained from the European Space Agency (ESA) Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative version 4.2 dataset (OC-CCI v4.2) (Sathyendranath et al., 2020). The bias and root-mean-square-difference of log_10 transformed POC data in each pixel were computed by weighting the uncertainties in each CCI optical water class by their membership (Brewin et al., 2017; Jackson et al., 2017). For more details about algorithm and validations, please see BICEP Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) and validation report (

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