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To investigate the possible use of aerodynamic baffles on an airfield, behind an aircraft’s point of take-off, to encourage the natural dispersion of emitted pollutants.
Meteorological Conditions: .
Restrictions that may lead to cancellation
Measurements of the FAAM aircraft exhaust plume are weather dependent. Adverse weather conditions will lead to a postponement of the trials, as this will affect the quality of the measurements and safety on the airfield.
1) Wind direction and speed : SW less than 15 knots. If the wind is such that Runway 03 flight operations are required, the trial will be postponed until another day. In addition, high winds and/or rain would not be conducive to obtaining good and repeatable measurements.
2) Visibility: If the visibility is below 6000 m, the field study will be postponed until another day.
3) Precipitation: Rain on the day of the trials at Cranfield, other than a light shower, may also lead to a postponement.

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