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SPECS - MPI-ESM-LR model output prepared for SPECS decadal (1901-2015)

Update Frequency: Not Planned
Latest Data Update: 2017-01-10
Status: Ongoing
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2017-01-10
Download Stats: last 12 months
Dataset Size: 29.33K Files | 2TB


This dataset includes the MPI-ESM-LR model output prepared for SPECS decadal (1901-2015). These data were prepared by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M), as part of the SPECS project.

Model id is MPI-ESM-LR (MPI-ESM-LR 2015; atmosphere: ECHAM6 v6.3.01p2 (REV: 3904), T63L47; land: JSBACH (REV: 3904); ocean: MPIOM v1.6.1p1 (REV: 3753) marine biogeochemistry HAMOCC included, GR15L40; sea ice (REV: 3753). Frequency is daily and monthly.

Daily Atmospheric variables are:
clt hfls hfss pr prc psl rlds rlut rsds tas tasmin tasmax uas vas zg

Daily land variables are:

Monthly atmos variables:
clt hfls hfss hus pr prsn psl rlds rlut rsds rsdt rsut ta tas tasmax tasmin tauu tauv ua uas vas va zg

Monthly ocean variables:
mlotst so thetao tos uo vo zos

Monthly land variables:
mrro mrso

Monthly sea ice variables:

Citable as:  Modali, K. (2017): SPECS - MPI-ESM-LR model output prepared for SPECS decadal (1901-2015). Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: specs, MPI-ESM, climate, model, decadal


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Access rules:
Public data: access to these data is available to both registered and non-registered users.
Use of these data is covered by the following licence: When using these data you must cite them correctly using the citation given on the CEDA Data Catalogue record.
Data lineage:

Data were supplied by SPECS participants to CEDA for archiving in 2017. Data was checked for compliance with CF standards and SPECS requirements.

Data Quality:
Data have been quality controlled by CEDA, including internal metadata consistency for SPECS data is complete and that data are CF-compliant.
File Format:
The data are provided in CF-compliant NetCDF format

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Process overview

  • var_id: tas
  • units: K
  • standard_name: air_temperature
  • long_name: Air Temperature
  • units: kg m-2 s-1
  • long_name: Convective Precipitation
  • var_id: prc
  • standard_name: convective_precipitation_flux
  • units: K
  • var_id: tasmax
  • standard_name: air_temperature
  • long_name: Daily Maximum Near-Surface Air Temperature
  • units: K
  • var_id: tasmin
  • standard_name: air_temperature
  • long_name: Daily Minimum Near-Surface Air Temperature
  • var_id: uas
  • long_name: Eastward Near-Surface Wind
  • standard_name: eastward_wind
  • units: m s-1
  • long_name: Eastward Wind
  • var_id: ua
  • standard_name: eastward_wind
  • units: m s-1
  • var_id: zg
  • standard_name: geopotential_height
  • long_name: Geopotential Height
  • units: m
  • var_id: tas
  • long_name: Near-Surface Air Temperature
  • units: K
  • standard_name: air_temperature
  • var_id: vas
  • standard_name: northward_wind
  • long_name: Northward Near-Surface Wind
  • units: m s-1
  • var_id: vas
  • standard_name: northward_wind
  • units: m s-1
  • long_name: Northward Near-Surface Wind Velocity
  • long_name: Northward Wind
  • standard_name: northward_wind
  • var_id: va
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: precipitation_flux
  • long_name: Precipitation
  • var_id: pr
  • units: kg m-2 s-1
  • var_id: sit
  • long_name: Sea Ice Thickness
  • units: m
  • standard_name: sea_ice_thickness
  • standard_name: air_pressure_at_sea_level
  • units: Pa
  • var_id: psl
  • long_name: Sea Level Pressure
  • units: K
  • standard_name: sea_surface_temperature
  • var_id: tos
  • long_name: Sea Surface Temperature
  • standard_name: sea_water_salinity
  • units: psu
  • long_name: Sea Water Salinity
  • var_id: so
  • var_id: uo
  • standard_name: sea_water_x_velocity
  • long_name: Sea Water X Velocity
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: sea_surface_height_above_geoid
  • units: m
  • var_id: zos
  • long_name: Sea surface height above geoid
  • var_id: vo
  • long_name: Sea water Y velocity
  • standard_name: sea_water_y_velocity
  • units: m s-1
  • units: K
  • long_name: Sea water potential temperature
  • var_id: thetao
  • standard_name: sea_water_potential_temperature
  • var_id: prsn
  • standard_name: snowfall_flux
  • long_name: Snowfall Flux
  • units: kg m-2 s-1
  • standard_name: specific_humidity
  • var_id: hus
  • long_name: Specific Humidity
  • units: kg kg-1
  • long_name: Surface Downward Eastward Wind Stress
  • var_id: tauu
  • units: Pa
  • standard_name: surface_downward_eastward_stress
  • var_id: tauv
  • standard_name: surface_downward_northward_stress
  • units: Pa
  • long_name: Surface Downward Northward Wind Stress
  • var_id: rlds
  • standard_name: surface_downwelling_longwave_flux_in_air
  • long_name: Surface Downwelling Longwave Radiation
  • units: W m-2
  • long_name: Surface Downwelling Shortwave Radiation
  • var_id: rsds
  • standard_name: surface_downwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air
  • units: W m-2
  • long_name: Surface Upward Latent Heat Flux
  • var_id: hfls
  • standard_name: surface_upward_latent_heat_flux
  • units: W m-2
  • units: W m-2
  • long_name: Surface Upward Sensible Heat Flux
  • standard_name: surface_upward_sensible_heat_flux
  • var_id: hfss
  • var_id: rsdt
  • standard_name: toa_incoming_shortwave_flux
  • long_name: TOA Incident Shortwave Radiation
  • units: W m-2
  • standard_name: toa_outgoing_longwave_flux
  • long_name: TOA Outgoing Longwave Radiation
  • var_id: rlut
  • units: W m-2
  • var_id: rsut
  • standard_name: toa_outgoing_shortwave_flux
  • long_name: TOA Outgoing Shortwave Radiation
  • units: W m-2
  • var_id: leadtime
  • standard_name: forecast_period
  • long_name: Time elapsed since the start of the forecast
  • units: days
  • var_id: clt
  • units: %
  • long_name: Total Cloud Fraction
  • standard_name: cloud_area_fraction
  • units: kg m-2 s-1
  • standard_name: runoff_flux
  • long_name: Total Runoff
  • var_id: mrro
  • var_id: mrso
  • standard_name: soil_moisture_content
  • units: kg m-2
  • long_name: Total Soil Moisture Content
  • var_id: mrso
  • standard_name: soil_moisture_content
  • units: kg m-2
  • long_name: Total soil moisture content
  • units: 1
  • var_id: i
  • long_name: cell index along first dimension
  • var_id: j
  • long_name: cell index along second dimension
  • units: 1
  • var_id: height
  • standard_name: height
  • long_name: height
  • units: m
  • var_id: lat_bnds
  • var_id: lat_vertices
  • units: degrees_north
  • var_id: lev_bnds
  • var_id: lon_bnds
  • var_id: lon_vertices
  • units: degrees_east
  • var_id: lev
  • standard_name: depth
  • units: m
  • long_name: ocean depth coordinate
  • long_name: pressure
  • units: Pa
  • var_id: plevs
  • standard_name: air_pressure
  • var_id: time_bnds

Co-ordinate Variables

  • var_id: time
  • standard_name: time
  • long_name: Verification time of the forecast
  • units: degrees_north
  • long_name: latitude
  • var_id: lat
  • standard_name: latitude
  • units: degrees_north
  • long_name: latitude coordinate
  • var_id: lat
  • standard_name: latitude
  • long_name: longitude
  • standard_name: longitude
  • units: degrees_east
  • var_id: lon
  • long_name: longitude coordinate
  • standard_name: longitude
  • units: degrees_east
  • var_id: lon
  • var_id: time
  • standard_name: time
  • long_name: time
Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent