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DeMinTIR- Detection of Mineral Surface Parameter and Vegetation status from Airborne Thermal Infra-Red Imagery

Status: completed
Publication State: published


The objective of this EUFAR project, DeMinTIR, was to investigate new earth observation tools to improve monitoring concepts of active mine sites and to contribute to a better understanding of environmental impacts caused by mining activities. A detailed knowledge of the spatial pattern of affected areas and about the local intensity of surface changes as well as the quantification of surface parameters, vegetation health status, soil contamination, water pollution, are necessary steps for improving remediation management of those affected areas. Understanding and monitoring processes in mining areas is therefore a concern to a wider user community, including governmental agencies and local authorities. The dimension is being increasingly recognised and addressed by EU legislation (e.g., Mine Waste Directive, Water Framework Directive). The project aimed at acquiring hyperspectral thermal data over Sokolov mining area, Czech Republic and to process the imagery into a position that soil/rock material and vegetation maps will be generated. Ground truth data will be collected during the overpass (soil samples, vegetation leaves, needles etc). The maps will be used to assess temporally changes within this environment area based on a geo-coded comparison of the current thematic maps with previous information obtained in 2009 via HyEUROPE 2009 mission. It is important to note that the thermal hyperspectral (HSR) remote sensing in general and for the above purpose in particular is not yet developed. Thus a secondary goal of this mission is to open up a new frontier in monitoring this environmental problem and measure the added value to (traditionally used) optical HSR sensors.

Abbreviation: demintir
Keywords: EUFAR, hyperspectral


Keywords: EUFAR, hyperspectral
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