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The North Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study: model run output

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ACSIS (the North Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study) was an integrated programme of sustained observations, synthesis, and numerical modelling designed to address the overarching objective of enhancing the UK's capability to detect, attribute and predict changes in the North Atlantic (NA) Climate System, comprising: the North Atlantic Ocean, the atmosphere above it including its composition, and interactions with Arctic Sea Ice and the Greenland Ice Sheet. ACSIS was a partnership between six NERC centres (NCAS, NOC, BAS, NCEO, CPOM, PML) and the UK Met Office, exploiting the partners' unique capabilities in observing and simulating the atmosphere including its composition, the ocean, the cryosphere, and the fully coupled climate system.
This collection includes global ocean simulations generated within the project.
ACSIS was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) through National Capability Long Term Science Multiple Centre (NC LTS-M) grant NE/N018028/1

Citable as:Megann, A.; Sinha, B.; Blaker, A.; Schroeder, D.; Feltham, D. (2021): The North Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study: model run output. NERC EDS British Oceanographic Data Centre NOC, date of citation.
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