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Dataset Collection


Viking Spectrogram Summary Data

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Viking was Sweden's first satellite, aimed at monitoring the interaction of the solar with with the Earth's magnetosphere, and the resulting behaviour of the aurora borealis. The satellite hosted a variety of instruments. The datum held by the UK Solar System Data Centre are ion spectrograms from the V-3 instrument.

This dataset collection contains plots and summary plots of hot plasma spectrograms from the Swedish mission Viking. Datum covers 1986 in slide format.

Spectrogram slides are available from 1986-06-02 to 1986-10-01.
Lower resolution summary plots are available from 1986-04-24 to 1986-11-26.

Citable as:Swedish Board for Space Activities (1986): Viking Spectrogram Summary Data. UK Solar System Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: viking
Keywords: Viking, spectograms, slides, plots


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