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AEGEAN-GAME2 - AEGEAN Pollution: Gaseous and Aerosol airborne Measurements project

Status: completed
Publication State: published


EUFAR project to: 1.To investigate the physical and chemical processing of polluted air masses transported over the Aegean troposphere during the Etesian winds (the most important synoptic meteorological condition that occurs over the Aegean
Sea during summer), and to evaluate the representation of these processes in models of atmospheric composition and transport.
2.The experiment will involve flying of several tracks, spaced by about 10-20 km, over the region at heights up to 10 km to continuously monitor aerosols, gaseous pollutants, radicals and meteorological parameters.
The interpretation of the airborne measurements will be enriched by the analysis of in situ continuous air pollution and meteorological measurements that will be conducted on the islands of Lesvos and Crete, at the northern and
southern Aegean respectively.
3.Available measurements using instruments onboard vessels commuting across the Aegean Sea will be used for the interpretation of the results.
4.The measured physical parameters and chemical/aerosol concentrations will be compared with model predictions to assess their ability to capture various processes that take place in the atmosphere over the Aegean Sea.

Abbreviation: AEGEAN-GAME, aegean-game
Keywords: AEGEAN-GAME, FAAM, Met Office, EUFAR


Keywords: AEGEAN-GAME, FAAM, Met Office, EUFAR
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