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IDC Campbell CS110 Electric Field Mill

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Interdisciplinary Centre (IDC) Herzliya Campbell CS110 Electric Field Mill. Potential gradient is measured using a CS110 electric-field mill. It is mounted on a 3m metal tripod, fixed to a solid rocky surface (mostly basaltic). It is situated far from the main cosmic ray observatory building (150 meters). Elevation of the site is 2100m above sea level. The data is recorded in 1 second and 1 minute averages.

The instrument is located at Mount Hermon Cosmic Ray and Space Weather Centre, Israel (33.30’N, 35.78’E) and The Wise Astronomical Observatory, Mitzpe-Ramon, Israel (30.35’N, 34.75’E)

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Keywords: Atmospheric, Potential, Gradient

keywords:      Atmospheric, Potential, Gradient
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