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Air quality instruments for the Environmental Baseline Project

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Collection of instruments including Thermo-o3, FIDAS 200 particle counter and NO/NO2/NOX Analyser

University of York NO/NO2/NOX Analyser:
In the photolytic process the sample gas passes through a cell where it is exposed to light at a specific wavelength from an LED array. This causes the NO2 to be selectively converted to NO with negligible interference from other gases. Combined with the proven Model T200U, it provides ultra-sensitive performance, with a lower detectable limit of 0.05 ppb or better, and is ideally suited for NCore research sites and the low-level direct NO2 measurements required for roadside monitoring. Advances in the photolytic converter technology now yields NO2 conversion efficiency that is similar to molybdenum under typical ambient NO2 concentrations, but without the same interference.

University of York FIDAS 200 Particle counter: The Fidas® 200 enables the continuous and simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP (PMtot), as well as the particle number concentration and the particle size distribution in a size range of 180 nm to 18 µm. The Fidas® 200 uses the recognized measurement technology of optical light scattering of single particles and is equipped with an LED light source with high intensity (dpmin = 180 nm), highly stable output and long lifetime. The calibration of the system can be checked and adjusted, if necessary, easily and quickly also under field conditions on site at any time with the help of a monodisperse test powder. The Fidas® 200 operates with a volume flow of approx. 0.3 m3/h and is equipped with a Sigma‐2 sampling head as per Standard VDI 2119-4, which enables representative measurements even under strong wind conditions. The sampling system includes a drying system (intelligent aerosol drying system – IADS) that prevents measurement inaccuracies caused by condensation effects resulting from high humidity. In addition, a weather station provides reliable results for ambient air temperature, atmospheric pressure, and relative humidity, by request additionally also for wind velocity, wind direction and precipitation. It is also equipped with a filter holder for the insertion of a plane filter (47 or 50 mm in diameter). This enables a subsequent chemical analysis of the composition of the aerosol, for example.

University of York Thermo Ozone: Model 49i Ozone Analyser. Measure the the amount of ozone in ambient air, UV photometric.

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Keywords: ozone, PM10, PM2.5, NOx, air quality

keywords:      ozone, PM10, PM2.5, NOx, air quality
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