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NIALL: Chemical Ablation Model version 3 (CABMOD3) simulations of metal ablation from meteoroids

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Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Citable
Publication Date: 2019-09-06
DOI Publication Date: 2019-09-10
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This dataset contains Chemical Ablation Model version 3 (CABMOD3) simulations of metal ablation from meteoroids.

This experiment was undertaken as part of Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) First study of the global Nickel and Aluminium Layers in the upper atmosphere (NIALL) project (NE/P001815/1). This project aimed to make the first ever study of Ni and Al chemistry in the mesosphere/lower thermosphere.

Citable as:  Bones, D.; Carrillo Sanchez, J.D.; Kulak, A.; Plane, J. (2019): NIALL: Chemical Ablation Model version 3 (CABMOD3) simulations of metal ablation from meteoroids. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 10 September 2019. doi:10.5285/8120f50827564bd7ae22ee3ac50e6c8f.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: NIALL, CABMOD3, metal, meteoroids, mesosphere


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Process overview

This dataset was generated by the computation detailed below.
Title Chemical Ablation Model (CABMOD)
Abstract CABMOD computes the temperature, velocity, altitude and elemental composition as a function of time for a particle entering the Earth’s atmosphere with a given initial velocity, size and zenith angle. At each iteration, the ablation into the gas phase of elemental and molecular species is calculated. Given a specific temperature profile, it can compute the ablation of elements if this temperature profile is applied to a particle (allows direct comparison with laboratory data).
Input Description None
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  • long_name: Al
  • names: Al
  • long_name: Al sum
  • names: Al sum
  • long_name: Al2O
  • names: Al2O
  • long_name: Al2O2
  • names: Al2O2
  • long_name: AlO
  • names: AlO
  • long_name: AlO2
  • names: AlO2
  • long_name: Ca
  • names: Ca
  • long_name: Ca sum
  • names: Ca sum
  • long_name: CaO
  • names: CaO
  • long_name: Fe (silicate)
  • names: Fe (silicate)
  • long_name: Fe (silicate) sum
  • names: Fe (silicate) sum
  • long_name: Fe metal
  • names: Fe metal
  • long_name: Fe total
  • names: Fe total
  • long_name: FeO (silicate)
  • names: FeO (silicate)
  • long_name: K
  • names: K
  • long_name: K sum
  • names: K sum
  • long_name: K total
  • names: K total
  • long_name: K+
  • names: K+
  • long_name: K2
  • names: K2
  • long_name: K2O
  • names: K2O
  • long_name: KO
  • names: KO
  • long_name: Mg
  • names: Mg
  • long_name: Mg sum
  • names: Mg sum
  • long_name: MgO
  • names: MgO
  • long_name: Na
  • names: Na
  • long_name: Na sum
  • names: Na sum
  • long_name: Na total
  • names: Na total
  • long_name: Na+
  • names: Na+
  • long_name: Na2
  • names: Na2
  • long_name: Na2O
  • names: Na2O
  • long_name: NaO
  • names: NaO
  • long_name: Ni
  • names: Ni
  • long_name: O
  • names: O
  • long_name: O sum
  • names: O sum
  • long_name: O2
  • names: O2
  • long_name: Si
  • names: Si
  • long_name: Si sum
  • names: Si sum
  • long_name: SiO
  • names: SiO
  • long_name: SiO2
  • names: SiO2
  • long_name: Ti
  • names: Ti
  • long_name: Ti sum
  • names: Ti sum
  • long_name: TiO
  • names: TiO
  • long_name: TiO2
  • names: TiO2
  • long_name: altitude
  • names: altitude
  • long_name: e- sum
  • names: e- sum
  • long_name: temperature
  • names: temperature
  • long_name: time
  • names: time
  • long_name: total sum
  • names: Si_sum+Mg_sum+Ca_sum+Al_sum+Ti_sum+Na_sum+K_sum+O_sum+E_sum+O_ox_sum+Fe_total_sum+comp_sum(Nilw_ic, total sum
  • long_name: velocity
  • names: velocity

Co-ordinate Variables

Temporal Range
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