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Ozone eddy covariance measurements at Penlee Point Atmospheric Observatory, April-May 2018

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Latest Data Update: 2020-02-27
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Citable
Publication Date: 2020-02-28
DOI Publication Date: 2020-07-13
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This dataset contains wind, temperature, pressure, humidity and ozone mixing ratio, given as the 20-minute mean of 10 Hz (ozone and wind) or 0.25 Hz (pressure, humidity and temperature) raw data. Ozone flux values calculated from the raw 10 Hz wind and ozone data are presented as mass fluxes and as molar fluxes. Deposition velocity is calculated from the molar flux.

Data relevant to the data selection are also included, such as ozone variability, instrument sensitivity, wind stationarity and wind speed and direction. The Penlee Point Atmospheric Observatory (PPAO) site is best suited to observing fluxes over water. The north-west sector contains the sloping headland on which the observatory is built, making flux observations in this sector of limited value.

The footprint area (where the measured flux is occurring) varies with wind conditions, but generally 90% of flux contribution occurs within 2-3 km of the observatory. The building itself sits 30-60m from the coast, depending on tide.

Measurements were taken from 2018/04/10 - 2018/05/21 using a Gill WindMaster Pro sonic anemometer, a Gill MetPak Pro, and a high frequency chemiluminescence ozone detector from Eco Physics. A 2B 205 ozone monitor was used as a reference for the high frequency ozone instrument. Data collection was managed by David Loades (University of York), Thomas Bell (Plymouth Marine Laboratory) and Mingxi Yang (Plymouth Marine Laboratory).

Data are missing where fluxes couldn't be calculated, most commonly due to heavy rain disrupting the anemometer or power outages.

These data were collected for the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) project Iodide in the ocean:distribution and impact on iodine flux and ozone loss.

Citable as:  Plymouth Marine Laboratory; University of York; Loades, D.; Bell, T.; Yang, M. (2020): Ozone eddy covariance measurements at Penlee Point Atmospheric Observatory, April-May 2018. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 13 July 2020. doi:10.5285/8351ed155b134155848d03a7cdce9f02.
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Keywords: Ozone, eddy, Penlee Point


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Data lineage:

10 Hz data logged at the Penlee Point Atmospheric. High frequency data were despiked and detrended, and double rotation was applied to the wind vectors for flux calculation. The data were then sent to the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) for archiving.

Data Quality:
All data sufficiently present are recorded here. Parameters commonly used in flux data selection (stationarity of wind and ozone, friction velocity, wind speed). Data used for investigating oceanic ozone deposition to the south west are flagged. Note the headland to the north-west rises steeply to above the level of the flux tower, making flux measurements in this region of limited quality.
File Format:
Data are BADC-CSV formatted.

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Loades, D. C., Yang, M., Bell, T. G., Vaughan, A. R., Pound, R. J., Metzger, S., Lee, J. D., & Carpenter, L. J. (2020). Ozone deposition to a coastal sea: comparison of eddy covariance observations with reactive air–sea exchange models. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13(12), 6915–6931.

Process overview

This dataset was generated by instruments deployed on platforms as listed below.

Instrument/Platform pairings

Eco Physics Ozone CLD Deployed on: Penlee Point Atmospheric Observatory
Output Description


  • long_name: adjustment_to_measurement_height_due_to_tide
  • names: adjustment_to_measurement_height_due_to_tide
  • long_name: air_pressure
  • names: air_pressure
  • long_name: air_temperature
  • names: air_temperature
  • long_name: calendar_date_utc
  • names: calendar_date_utc
  • long_name: data_quality_flag_for_south_west_sea_flux
  • names: data_quality_flag_for_south_west_sea_flux
  • long_name: day_of_year_utc
  • names: day_of_year_utc
  • long_name: density_of_dry_air
  • names: density_of_dry_air
  • long_name: density_of_wet_air
  • names: density_of_wet_air
  • long_name: dimensionless_obukhov_length
  • names: dimensionless_obukhov_length
  • long_name: friction_velocity
  • names: friction_velocity
  • long_name: hour_of_day_utc
  • names: hour_of_day_utc
  • long_name: kinetic_ozone_flux
  • names: kinetic_ozone_flux
  • long_name: kinetic_ozone_flux_2_sigma_limit_of_detection
  • names: kinetic_ozone_flux_2_sigma_limit_of_detection
  • long_name: lag_time_on_ozone_measurement_used_for_flux_(negative_means_ozone_behind_wind)
  • names: lag_time_on_ozone_measurement_used_for_flux_(negative_means_ozone_behind_wind)
  • long_name: linear_change_of_ozone_during_averaging_period
  • names: linear_change_of_ozone_during_averaging_period
  • long_name: mass_ozone_flux
  • names: mass_ozone_flux
  • long_name: mass_ozone_flux_2_sigma_limit_of_detection
  • names: mass_ozone_flux_2_sigma_limit_of_detection
  • long_name: mass_ozone_flux_calculated_using_-180s_lag_time
  • names: mass_ozone_flux_calculated_using_-180s_lag_time
  • long_name: measured_ozone_from_calibration_instrument
  • names: measured_ozone_from_calibration_instrument
  • long_name: molar_ozone_concentration_for_dry_air
  • names: molar_ozone_concentration_for_dry_air
  • long_name: ozone
  • names: ozone
  • long_name: ozone_deposition_velocity
  • names: ozone_deposition_velocity
  • long_name: ozone_deposition_velocity_calculated_using_-180s_lag_time
  • names: ozone_deposition_velocity_calculated_using_-180s_lag_time
  • long_name: partial_density_of_water_vapour
  • names: partial_density_of_water_vapour
  • long_name: partial_pressure_of_water_vapour
  • names: partial_pressure_of_water_vapour
  • long_name: raw_photon_counts_at_10_hz
  • names: raw_photon_counts_at_10_hz
  • long_name: roughness_length
  • names: roughness_length
  • long_name: sensitivity_at_10hz
  • names: sensitivity_at_10hz
  • long_name: south_to_north_wind_speed_component
  • names: south_to_north_wind_speed_component
  • long_name: standard_deviation_of_crosswind
  • names: standard_deviation_of_crosswind
  • long_name: standard_deviation_of_ozone_during_averaging_period
  • names: standard_deviation_of_ozone_during_averaging_period
  • long_name: standard_deviation_of_vertical_wind
  • names: standard_deviation_of_vertical_wind
  • long_name: standard_deviation_of_wind_direction
  • names: standard_deviation_of_wind_direction
  • long_name: tower_height_above_current_sea_level
  • names: tower_height_above_current_sea_level
  • long_name: tower_height_above_mean_sea_level
  • names: tower_height_above_mean_sea_level
  • long_name: u_wind_speed_component_after_double_rotation
  • names: u_wind_speed_component_after_double_rotation
  • long_name: unadjusted_lag_time_found_from_ozone_and_wind_data_(negative_means_ozone_behind_wind)
  • names: unadjusted_lag_time_found_from_ozone_and_wind_data_(negative_means_ozone_behind_wind)
  • long_name: v_wind_speed_component_after_double_rotation
  • names: v_wind_speed_component_after_double_rotation
  • long_name: vertical_upwards_wind_component
  • names: vertical_upwards_wind_component
  • long_name: w_wind_speed_component_after_double_rotation
  • names: w_wind_speed_component_after_double_rotation
  • long_name: water_vapour
  • names: water_vapour
  • long_name: west_to_east_wind_speed_component
  • names: west_to_east_wind_speed_component
  • long_name: wind_direction
  • names: wind_direction
  • long_name: wind_speed
  • names: wind_speed

Co-ordinate Variables

Temporal Range
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Geographic Extent