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UKCP18 Climate Simulations from Europe Regional Climate Model Realisations

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The climate model projections are all variants of the limited-area atmosphere-only version of the Met Office Hadley Centre Global Environmental model (HadGEM3). They provide downscaled projections for the UK or Europe, driven by an ensemble of 60km Hadley Centre global coupled models HadGEM3-GC3.05.

This dataset consists of 12 projections from the 12km HadREM3-GA705 model. The model spans Europe and is driven by the 60km HadGEM3-GC3.05 global coupled model (GCM) perturbed-physics ensemble, with perturbations applied to the 12km RCM consistent with the driving GCM. All models are configurations of the Unified Model.

There are discontinuities in the data on 1st Dec 2020 and 1st Dec 2060, due to the simulations being conducted as three separate time slices.

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