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FAAM WCM-2000 Multi Element Water content System

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The WCM-2000 Multi Element Water content System, manufactured by Science Engineering Associates, Connecticut USA, is a four-element hot wire probe for the simultaneous measurement of liquid water content (LWC) and total water content (TWC). Ice water content (IWC) is calculated, being the difference between these two quantities. The two LWC elements, the 083 element with a diameter the same as the CSIRO/King probe and the 021 element with diameter the same as the classic JW LWC element, and the TWC element, which has a concave shape to trap both liquid and ice, are maintained at a constant temperature. The fourth element, the reference or compensation element, is exposed to the airflow but not to cloud water. This element is used to establish the dry air power term which is subtracted from the power through the LWC and TWC elements and so giving just the power required to maintain the set temperature in the presence of cloud. This power, in addition to knowledge of the element dimensions and the true airspeed, allows the ambient water content to be calculated.

The instrument is permanently mounted to the FAAM Bae-146, close to the nose on the port side of the fuselage.

Abbreviation: faam-wcm2000
Keywords: wcm2000, water content, hot-wire, faam

keywords:      wcm2000, water content, hot-wire, faam
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