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Met Office Unified Model United Kingdom Variable resolution (UKV) version 8.5, run u-af015

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Run u-af015 of a high-resolution (1.5 km horizontal grid, 118 vertical levels up to around 75 km altitude, 30 s timestep) local-area configuration of the United Kingdom Variable resolution (UKV) version 8.5 model run in a box over the island of South Georgia (54S, 36W), as part of the South Georgia Wave Experiment (SG-WEx) project. This run was for the time period June-July 2015 with a flat orography file for the island. See related dataset for output from a complementary run with the island's orography included for the same time period. These were part of a group of 6 model runs for the SG-WEx project.

Technical details regarding the configuration of these runs follow those described in Vosper (2015, doi:10.1002/qj.2566) - see online resources linked to this record.

Abbreviation: u-af015
Keywords: UKV, gravity wave

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