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Update Frequency: Not Planned
Latest Data Update: 2011-10-16
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2008-02-28
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Dataset Size: 3.74K Files | 2TB


The Assimilation in ocean and coupled models to determine the thermohaline circulation" project was a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) RAPID Climate Change Research Programme project (Round 2 - NE/C509058/1 - Duration 1 Sep 2005 - 30 Sep 2009) led by Prof Keith Haines of the University of Reading, with co-investigators at the National Oceanography Centre.

This dataset collection contains Atlantic Ocean Thermohaline Circulation ORCA025 model output.

Citable as:  Smith, G. (2008): RAPID: ORCA025 model output (1987-2004). NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: RAPID, Climate change, Atlantic Ocean's Thermohaline Circulation


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Data provided by Greg Smith at ESSC.

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Process overview

This dataset was generated by the computation detailed below.

University of Reading NEMO coupled ice-ocean model v3.2


This computation involved: Reading University Ocean Reanalysis Software deployed on Reading University computer. Reading University developed ocean reanalysis software which uses the NEMOv3.2 ocean model in configuration ORCA025_LIM (1/4 deg by 75 vertical levels). The model is forced with ECMWF ERA-Interim atmospheric reanalysis without corrections for radiation and precipitation and bulk fluxes calculated as in Large and Yeager (2004). The vertical grid has 75 levels with partial steps at the bottom. The data assimilation methodology is similar to what is currently employed in the UK Met Office operational FOAM - NEMO system (Storkey et al., 2010). It is an OI-type scheme with assimilation increments calculated using a first-guess-at-appropriate- time (FGAT) scheme every 5 days and introduced evenly over the period in an incremental analysis update (IAU) step. UR025.4 assimilates in situ and satellite-based SSTs, altimeter SLA from AVISO/CLS using the Rio et al. (2005) mean dynamic topography (MDT), in situ temperature and salinity profile observations obtained from the UK Met Office ENACT/ENSEMBLES (EN3_v2a_NoCWT_LevitusXBTMBT_ Corr) data set, which includes bias corrections for XBT and MDT data, and satellite-based sea ice concentrations from the EUMETSAT Ocean Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility (OSI-SAF).

Input Description


Output Description


Software Reference


  • units: m3/s
  • long_name: Barotropic_Stream_Function
  • var_id: sobarstf
  • names: Barotropic_Stream_Function
  • units: m2/s2
  • long_name: Eddy_Kinetic_Energy
  • var_id: voeke
  • names: Eddy_Kinetic_Energy
  • units: %
  • long_name: Ice concentration
  • var_id: ileadfra
  • names: Ice concentration
  • units: m/kt
  • long_name: Ice produced
  • var_id: iiceprod
  • names: Ice produced
  • units: C
  • long_name: Ice temperature
  • var_id: iicetemp
  • names: Ice temperature
  • units: m
  • long_name: Ice thickness
  • var_id: iicethic
  • names: Ice thickness
  • units: m/s
  • long_name: Ice velocity u
  • var_id: iicevelu
  • names: Ice velocity u
  • units: m/s
  • long_name: Ice velocity v
  • var_id: iicevelv
  • names: Ice velocity v
  • units: W/m2
  • long_name: Latent Heat Flux Upward
  • var_id: solhflup
  • names: Latent Heat Flux Upward
  • units: degrees_north
  • long_name: Latitude
  • var_id: depthw
  • names: Latitude
  • units: degrees_east
  • long_name: Longitude
  • var_id: nav_lon
  • names: Longitude
  • units: W/m2
  • long_name: Longwave Radiation Downward
  • var_id: solwfldo
  • names: Longwave Radiation Downward
  • units: m/s
  • long_name: Meridional Velocity
  • var_id: vomecrty
  • names: Meridional Velocity
  • units: (m/s)^2
  • long_name: Meridional Velocity_Squared
  • var_id: vomecrty_sqd
  • names: Meridional Velocity_Squared
  • units: N/m2
  • long_name: Meridional Wind Stress
  • var_id: sometauy
  • names: Meridional Wind Stress
  • units: Sverdrup
  • long_name: Meridional_Overt.Cell_Atlantic
  • var_id: zomsfatl
  • names: Meridional_Overt.Cell_Atlantic
  • units: Sverdrup
  • long_name: Meridional_Overt.Cell_Global
  • var_id: zomsfglo
  • names: Meridional_Overt.Cell_Global
  • units: Sverdrup
  • long_name: Meridional_Overt.Cell_Indian
  • var_id: zomsfind
  • names: Meridional_Overt.Cell_Indian
  • units: Sverdrup
  • long_name: Meridional_Overt.Cell_IndoPacif
  • var_id: zomsfinp
  • names: Meridional_Overt.Cell_IndoPacif
  • units: Sverdrup
  • long_name: Meridional_Overt.Cell_pacif
  • var_id: zomsfpac
  • names: Meridional_Overt.Cell_pacif
  • units: m.PSU.s-1
  • long_name: Meridional_VS
  • var_id: vomevs
  • names: Meridional_VS
  • units: m.DegC.s-1
  • long_name: Meridional_VT
  • var_id: vomevt
  • names: Meridional_VT
  • units: m
  • long_name: Mixed Layer Depth 0.01
  • var_id: somxl010
  • names: Mixed Layer Depth 0.01
  • units: m
  • long_name: Mixed_Layer_Depth_on_-0.2_temp_crit
  • var_id: somxlt02
  • names: Mixed_Layer_Depth_on_-0.2_temp_crit
  • units: m
  • var_id: somxl010
  • long_name: Mixed_Layer_Depth_on_0.01_rho_crit
  • names: Mixed_Layer_Depth_on_0.01_rho_crit
  • units: m
  • long_name: Mixed_Layer_Depth_on_0.03_rho_crit
  • var_id: somxl030
  • names: Mixed_Layer_Depth_on_0.03_rho_crit
  • units: W/m2
  • long_name: Net Downward Heat Flux
  • var_id: sohefldo
  • names: Net Downward Heat Flux
  • units: Kg/m2/S
  • long_name: Net Upward Water Flux
  • var_id: sowaflup
  • names: Net Upward Water Flux
  • units: w/m2
  • long_name: Non-solar flux at ice/ocean surface
  • var_id: iicenflx
  • names: Non-solar flux at ice/ocean surface
  • units: w/m2
  • long_name: Non-solar flux at ocean surface
  • var_id: iocwnsfl
  • names: Non-solar flux at ocean surface
  • units: w/m2
  • long_name: Oceanic flux at the ice base
  • var_id: ioceflxb
  • names: Oceanic flux at the ice base
  • units: m
  • long_name: RMS_Sea_Surface_height
  • var_id: sossheig_rms
  • names: RMS_Sea_Surface_height
  • units: PSU
  • long_name: Salinity
  • var_id: vosaline
  • names: Salinity
  • units: PSU
  • long_name: Salinity Increment on T obs
  • var_id: vosincto
  • names: Salinity Increment on T obs
  • units: PSU
  • long_name: Salinity balance Increment on T obs
  • var_id: vosbncto
  • names: Salinity balance Increment on T obs
  • units: kg/m2/kt
  • long_name: Salt flux at ocean surface
  • var_id: iocesafl
  • names: Salt flux at ocean surface
  • units: m
  • long_name: Sea Surface Height
  • var_id: sossheig
  • names: Sea Surface Height
  • units: (m)^2
  • long_name: Sea Surface Height_Squared
  • var_id: sossheig_sqd
  • names: Sea Surface Height_Squared
  • units: PSU
  • long_name: Sea surface salinity
  • var_id: isssalin
  • names: Sea surface salinity
  • units: C
  • long_name: Sea surface temperature
  • var_id: isstempe
  • names: Sea surface temperature
  • units: W/m2
  • long_name: Sensible Heat Flux Upward
  • var_id: sosbhfup
  • names: Sensible Heat Flux Upward
  • units: W/m2
  • long_name: Shortwave Radiation
  • var_id: soshfldo
  • names: Shortwave Radiation
  • units: kg/day
  • long_name: Snow precipitation
  • var_id: isnowpre
  • names: Snow precipitation
  • units: m
  • long_name: Snow thickness
  • var_id: isnowthi
  • names: Snow thickness
  • units: w/m2
  • long_name: Solar flux at ice/ocean surface
  • var_id: iicesflx
  • names: Solar flux at ice/ocean surface
  • units: w/m2
  • long_name: Solar flux at ocean surface
  • var_id: iocesflx
  • names: Solar flux at ocean surface
  • units: Num
  • long_name: Sum of Salinity Weights on Z levels
  • var_id: voswgtzo
  • names: Sum of Salinity Weights on Z levels
  • units: Num
  • long_name: Sum of Temperature Weights on Z levels
  • var_id: votwgtzo
  • names: Sum of Temperature Weights on Z levels
  • units: Kg/m2/S
  • long_name: Surface_water_flux:damping
  • var_id: sowafldp
  • names: Surface_water_flux:damping
  • units: C
  • long_name: Temperature
  • var_id: votemper
  • names: Temperature
  • long_name: Time axis
  • var_id: time_counter
  • names: Time, Time axis
  • units: w/m2
  • long_name: Total flux at ocean surface
  • var_id: iocetflx
  • names: Total flux at ocean surface
  • units: m
  • long_name: Vertical T levels
  • var_id: deptht
  • names: Vertical T levels, deptht
  • units: m
  • long_name: Vertical U levels
  • var_id: depthu
  • names: Vertical U levels, depthu
  • units: m
  • long_name: Vertical V levels
  • var_id: depthv
  • names: Vertical V levels, depthv
  • units: Pa
  • long_name: Wind stress u
  • var_id: iocestru
  • names: Wind stress u
  • units: Pa
  • long_name: Wind stress v
  • var_id: iocestrv
  • names: Wind stress v
  • units: m/s
  • long_name: Zonal Velocity
  • var_id: vozocrtx
  • names: Zonal Velocity
  • units: (m/s)^2
  • long_name: Zonal Velocity_Squared
  • var_id: vozocrtx_sqd
  • names: Zonal Velocity_Squared
  • units: N/m2
  • long_name: Zonal Wind Stress
  • var_id: sozotaux
  • names: Zonal Wind Stress
  • units: m.PSU.s-1
  • long_name: Zonal_US
  • var_id: vozous
  • names: Zonal_US
  • units: m.DegC.s-1
  • long_name: Zonal_UT
  • var_id: vozout
  • names: Zonal_UT
  • units: Kg/m2/S
  • long_name: concentration/dilution water flux
  • var_id: sowaflcd
  • names: concentration/dilution water flux
  • units: Kg/m2/S
  • long_name: ice=>ocean water flux
  • var_id: iowaflup
  • names: ice=>ocean water flux

Co-ordinate Variables

Temporal Range
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