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HyMountEcos- Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Mountain Ecosystems

Status: completed
Publication State: published


This EUFAR project was focused on the monitoring of highly valuable mountain ecosystems of the Giant Mountains (Karkonosze/Krkonoše) National Park area on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland using hyperspectral data and technologies. To capture the richness of the area nature and to have the possibility to analyse the diversity of the Giant Mountains nature we propose to acquire airborne hyperspectral data on the altitudinal gradient from the submontane, through the montane and subalpine until the alpine belt for the both Polish and Czech parts of the national park that also enables tree foliage ground truth and spectral to compare the ecosystems on the both Polish and Czech sides and possibly to assess also some influence of management practice. The main goals of the project are mountain ecosystems mapping and inventarization, an analyses and evaluation of forest ecosystems conditions/health, an analyses of ecosystems species composition and invasive species introduction and an analysis of soil contamination. Hyperspectral airborne and satellite data (Hyperion) comparison will be provided to evaluate both data types suitability for the research goals, their potential and limitations will be pointed out. Particular results will contribute to the comprehensive assessment of the hyperspectral technologies potential for mountain ecosystems monitoring.

Abbreviation: hymountecos
Keywords: EUFAR, hyperspectral

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