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large steerable radar dish at Chilbolton Observatory in Hampshire

Cloud and Water Vapour Experiment for Model Comparisons at Chilbolton (CWAVE)

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CWAVE was a measurement campaign at the CCLRC-Chilbolton Observatory; it supported activities associated with two EC FP5 projects, CLOUDMAP2 and CLOUDNET. A wide range of satellite and ground based instruments measured a variety of atmospheric properties ranging from cloud parameters to water vapour. In addition the measurements coincided with the results from a reduced resolution Unified Model (UM) run by the Met Office. Access to such a data set allowed unprecedented comparisons between observed and modelled data. The core observing period was 16th June to 11th July 2003.

The Aims of CWAVE were:

-Validation and inter-comparison of cloud and water vapour measurements from satellite, with remotely sensed ground based measurements of cloud parameters and water vapour.
-Comparison of measured cloud parameters and water vapour, with results from high resolution Unified Model (UM) run by the Met Office.

Abbreviation: CWAVE
Keywords: CWAVE, radar, lidar, satellite, model


Keywords: CWAVE, radar, lidar, satellite, model
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