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ESA Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative (Ocean_Colour_cci): Version 3.1 Data

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This collection contains version 3.1 datasets produced by the Ocean Colour project of the ESA Climate Change Inititative (CCI). The Ocean Colour CCI is producing long-term multi-sensor time-series of satellite ocean-colour data with a particular focus for use in climate studies.

Data products being produced include: phytoplankton chlorophyll-a concentration; remote-sensing reflectance at six wavelengths; total absorption and backscattering coefficients; phytoplankton absorption coefficient and absorption coefficients for dissolved and detrital material; and the diffuse attenuation coefficient for downwelling irradiance for light of wavelength 490 nm. Information on uncertainties is also provided.

This dataset collection refers to the Version 3.1 data products held in the CEDA archive covering the period 1997-2016. Links to the individual datasets that make up this collection are given in the record below.

Citable as:Sathyendranath, S.; Grant, M.; Brewin, R.J.W.; Brockmann, C.; Brotas, V.; Chuprin, A.; Doerffer, R.; Dowell, M.; Farman, A.; Groom, S.; Jackson, T.; Krasemann, H.; Lavender, S.; Martinez Vicente, V.; Mazeran, C.; Mélin, F.; Moore, T.S.; Müller, D.; Platt, T.; Regner, P.; Roy, S.; Steinmetz, F.; Swinton, J.; Valente, A.; Zühlke, M.; Antoine, D.; Arnone, R.; Balch, W.M.; Barker, K.; Barlow, R.; Bélanger, S.; Berthon, J.-F.; Beşiktepe, Ş.; Brando, V.E.; Canuti, E.; Chavez, F.; Claustre, H.; Crout, R.; Feldman, G.; Franz, B.; Frouin, R.; García-Soto, C.; Gibb, S.W.; Gould, R.; Hooker, S.; Kahru, M.; Klein, H.; Kratzer, S.; Loisel, H.; McKee, D.; Mitchell, B.G.; Moisan, T.; Muller-Karger, F.; O'Dowd, L.; Ondrusek, M.; Poulton, A.J.; Repecaud, M.; Smyth, T.; Sosik, H.M.; Taberner, M.; Twardowski, M.; Voss, K.; Werdell, J.; Wernand, M.; Zibordi, G. (2018): ESA Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative (Ocean_Colour_cci): Version 3.1 Data. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 04 July 2018. doi:10.5285/9c334fbe6d424a708cf3c4cf0c6a53f5.
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Keywords: ESA, Ocean Colour, CCI, ECV


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