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Bias adjusted ERA-Interim Reanalysis for energy-relevant climate variables

Latest Data Update: 2017-12-11
Status: Completed
Publication State: Working
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This dataset contains the construction of a bias-adjusted climate variables at the near surface using ERA-Interim Reanalysis is presented. A number of different, variable-dependent, bias-adjustment approaches have been proposed. Here we modify the parameters of different distributions (depending on the variable), adjusting ERA-Interim based on gridded station or direct station observations. The variables are: air temperature, dewpoint temperature, precipitation (daily only), solar radiation, wind speed and relative humidity. These are available at either 3 or 6 h timescales over the period 1979-2016. The resulting bias-adjusted dataset is available through the Climate Data Store (CDS) of the Copernicus Climate Change Data Store (C3S). The benefit of performing bias-adjustment is demonstrated by comparing initial and bias-adjusted ERA-Interim data against gridded observational fields.

Citable as:  Jones, P.D.; Harpham, C.; Troccoli, A. (9999): Bias adjusted ERA-Interim Reanalysis for energy-relevant climate variables. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
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Keywords: Reanalysis, ERA-Interim, climate variables, bias adjustment, energy sector


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