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Cluster/Ground-Based Data Centre - Auroral Oval Indicators

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This dataset collection contains plots of three new Auroral Activity Indicators. These indicators are calculated similarly to the existing AL index, however, they are specific to three separate latitudes: the contracted oval (75 magnetic latitude), the standard oval (65 magnetic latitude) and the expanded oval (55 magnetic latitude).

Recordings of three new auroral activity indicators. These indicators are calculated in a manner similar to the existing AL index*: specifically, an indicator is derived by superimposing the horizontal component of the magnetometer traces from the participating stations, and taking the lower envelope. Thus a lower bound for the horizontal component is determined.
Unlike the AL index, however, these indices are specific to latitude. Data is taken from contributing stations on three latitudes, thus creating three auroral activity indicators:
- Contracted oval (~75 Magnetic Latitude)
- Standard oval (~65 magnetic latitude)
- Expanded oval (~55 magnetic latitude)

* The Auroral Electrojet (AE) index is the difference between the lower and upper envelopes of the horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field, taken from a number of stations and superimposed. The lower envelope is called the AL index, and the upper the AU index.

Citable as:UK Solar System Data Centre (1995): Cluster/Ground-Based Data Centre - Auroral Oval Indicators. UK Solar System Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: ao_Indicators
Keywords: Auroral, Oval, Indicators


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