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KNMI field site: Amsterdam Ap Schiphol, Netherlands

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Amsterdam-Ap-Schiphol, Netherlands field site operated by Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI).

Site WIGOS id: 0-20000-0-06240. See online documentation for link to station details in the Observing Systems Capability Analysis and Review (OSCAR) Tool.

Site WMO site id: 06240.

Note: this WIGOS ID is shared by 4 instruments located at the site. Data from the 4 instruments use one shared value for latitude and longitude:

Latitude: 52.317008972168 N
Longitude: 4.80366992950439 E

The actual instrument deployments are as follows:

Instrument: Amsterdam AP Schiphol A
Latitude: 52.317010 N
Longitude: 4.803670 E
Altitude: -4
Location: Amsterdam AP Schiphol end of runway 27

Instrument: Amsterdam AP Schiphol B
Latitude: 52.286140 N
Longitude: 4.729310 E
-Altitude: -4
Location: Amsterdam AP Schiphol end of runway 06

Instrument: Amsterdam AP Schiphol C
Latitude: 52.368290 N
Longitude: 4.712660 E
Altitude: --4
Location: Amsterdam AP Schiphol end of runway 18R

Instrument: Amsterdam AP Schiphol D
Latitude: 52.3395500183105 N
Longitude: 4.7407398223877 E
Altitude: --4
Location: Amsterdam AP Schiphol end of runway 18C

This Platform record uses the bounding box for the instruments to show the wider area covered by this one WIGOS ID.

Abbreviation: amsterdam-ap-schiphol, 0-20000-0-06240, 06240
Keywords: Not defined

platformType:      land_station
location:      GeographicBoundingBox: Amsterdam-Ap-Schiphol_area
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