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ARSF - Flight 03/29: Throney Island

Status: completed
Publication State: published


ARSF project 03/29 led by K.Anderson. Site: Thorney Island.

Data from previous NERC ARSF flights over the disused airfield on Thorney Island, West Sussex, have demonstrated its suitability as a remote sensing calibration site (Rollin et. al., 2002; Milton, 2000; Milton et. al., 1996). The main asphalt runway which runs in a N-S orientation has been shown through previous studies to have a uniform reflectance. Other surfaces at this site have also been identified as suitable targets for use in remote sensing calibration experiments, most notably the concrete area at the southern end of the main asphalt runway, a darker bitumen covered area at the northern end and an Astroturf covered tennis court to the north-west of the main runway. Spectral ground data collected during 2002 using a dual-beam GER1500 spectroradiometer system have confirmed that the reflectance of these targets is very stable over short time-scales. It was now proposed that the reflectance of these targets be measured and assessed over longer time-scales, using airborne remote sensing as well as ground-based spectral measurement techniques.

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