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Amazon Integrated Carbon Analysis (Amazonica) Data

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This dataset contains greenhouse gas profile measurements from the Amazon Integrated Carbon Analysis (AMAZONICA) project. AMAZONICA was an UK-Brasil Consortium funded by NERC (Natural Environmental Reasearch Council, UK) which aimed to quantify the carbon balance of the Amazon Basin and its associated contribution to global atmospheric change, to apportion and understand the processes contributing to the net Basin-wide flux observed and, to allow improved assessments of the likely role of the Amazon Basin in contributing and/or alleviating future planetary change. Data were collected and collated by the AMAZONICA team in the UK and Brazil and were deposited at BADC before the end of the project (expected end 2012 - mid 2013).

Citable as:AMAZONICA; Gloor, M. (2009): Amazon Integrated Carbon Analysis (Amazonica) Data. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: amazonica
Keywords: Amazonica, carbon, Amazon


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