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Output Runs from the Met Office Limited Area Model for Africa (Africa-LAM)

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The Africa LAM Dataset is a collection of data outputs from a high resolution Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Limited Area Model over Africa (the Africa LAM), developed by the Met Office. Data is available for the period 2010 to September 2013. Data covering the period Jan 2010 to mid-March 2011 are from the 20km 38L model configuration while data from mid-March 2011 to 11th September 2013 are higher resolution from the 12km 70L model configuration. This dataset is access restricted to the academic research community only.

Citable as:Met Office (2010): Output Runs from the Met Office Limited Area Model for Africa (Africa-LAM). NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: africa-lam_012010
Keywords: NWP, Met Office, UM, unified model, Africa-LAM, atmospheric model


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2013-09-01 The Met Office Africa-LAM model was discontinued on 11th September 2013.

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