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Integrated Research Observation System for Clean Air (OSCA)

Status: ongoing
Publication State: published


The Integrated Research Observation System for Clean Air (OSCA) is a multidisciplinary research project, combining atmospheric observations, laboratory studies, data processing development and integrated scientific synthesis to deliver improved understanding of urban air pollution in the UK, and enable delivery of key objectives of the Clean Air: Analysis and Solutions Programme. OSCA exploits recent significant UK investment in air pollution measurement infrastructure - the air pollution supersites in London, Birmingham and Manchester - and other new UKRI-funded capability developed for field, modelling and laboratory studies of air pollution processes.

The project brings together a research team spanning 5 UK HEIs and 2 NERC centres across disciplines of atmospheric science, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics and computer science and includes investigators with direct involvement in the provision of science advice in support of policy development - through established links with (e.g.) Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Department for Transport (DfT), Department of Health (DoH), regional policymakers, and international bodies. OSCA will provide scientific insights that will inform implementation of the new UK Clean Air Strategy, contribute to development and evaluation of regional air quality policy measures, and enable the development and optimisation of emission abatement measures, for the protection of human health. The project provides a definitive assessment of the current state of UK urban air quality, and of trends in air pollutants - both those expected in response to policy and changing behaviour, and unanticipated consequences of these - and provides data and infrastructure to underpin other proposed projects in the Clean Air Programme. NE/T001984/1, NE/T001917/1, NE/T001909/2, NE/T001798/1, NE/T001925/1, NE/T001798/2, NE/T001976/1, NE/T001909/1.

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Keywords: OSCA, air quality, OSCA-AQ


Keywords: OSCA, air quality, OSCA-AQ
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