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Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (GERB) Logo

Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget Experiment 1 and 2 (GERB-1 and GERB-2) European Consortium

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The Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget 1 & 2 instruments (GERB-1 and GERB-2) make accurate measurements of the Earth Radiation Budget. They are specifically designed to be mounted on a geostationary satellite and are carried onboard the Meteosat Second Generation satellites operated by EUMETSAT. they were produced by a European consortium led by the UK (NERC) together with Belgium, Italy, and EUMETSAT, with funding from national agencies.

Abbreviation: GERB_euro_consortium
Keywords: GERB, solar, thermal, radiation


Keywords: GERB, solar, thermal, radiation
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