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S-RIP: Zonal-mean dynamical variables of global atmospheric reanalyses on pressure levels

Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Citable
Publication Date: 2017-11-28
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This dataset contains zonal-mean atmospheric diagnostics computed from reanalysis datasets on pressure levels. Primary variables include temperature, geopotential height, and the three-dimensional wind field. Advanced diagnostics include zonal covariance terms that can be used to compute, for instance, eddy kinetic energy and eddy fluxes. Terms from the primitive zonal-mean momentum equation and the transformed Eulerian momentum equation are also provided.

This dataset was produced to facilitate the comparison of reanalysis datasets for the collaborators of the SPARC- Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP) project. The dataset is substantially smaller in size compared to the full three dimensional reanalysis fields and uses unified numerical methods. The dataset includes all global reanalyses available at the time of its development and will be extended to new reanalysis products in the future.

Citable as:  Martineau, P. (2017): S-RIP: Zonal-mean dynamical variables of global atmospheric reanalyses on pressure levels. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation. doi:10.5285/b241a7f536a244749662360bd7839312.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: S-RIP, Zonal mean, Pressure levels, Momentum equation, Transformed Eulerian mean, TEM, E-P flux


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Data lineage:

The dataset was created for the SPARC- Reanalysis Intercomparison Project (S-RIP). Data has been archived at the Centre for Environmental Data Anaylsis (CEDA).

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Data is as given by the data provider, no quality control has been performed by the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA)
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Data are netCDF formatted

Process overview

This dataset was generated by the computation detailed below.
Title S-RIP reanalysis
Abstract Three dimensional atmospheric fields were first downloaded from reanalysis data centers. Then, zonal-mean diagnostics were computed onto two distinct grids. The first is the grid originally provided by each data center. The second is a common 2.5 by 2.5 degrees grid onto which each data set is interpolated using bilinear interpolation. All diagnostics are performed using the same numerical methods for each reanalysis data set.
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Output Description None
Software Reference None
  • var_id: EPF_p_qg
  • var_id: EPF_p_qg_k1
  • var_id: EPF_p_qg_k2
  • var_id: EPF_p_qg_k3
  • units: hPa
  • standard_name: air_pressure
  • var_id: pressure
  • names: air_pressure
  • units: K
  • standard_name: air_temperature
  • var_id: t
  • names: air_temperature
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: eastward_wind
  • var_id: u
  • names: eastward_wind
  • units: m
  • standard_name: geopotential_height
  • var_id: h
  • names: geopotential_height
  • units: Pa s-1
  • var_id: omega
  • standard_name: lagrangian_tendency_of_air_pressure
  • names: lagrangian_tendency_of_air_pressure
  • units: m s-1
  • var_id: vstar
  • standard_name: meridional_residual_circulation
  • names: meridional_residual_circulation
  • var_id: momconv
  • var_id: momconv_k1
  • var_id: momconv_k2
  • var_id: momconv_k3
  • units: m3 s-2
  • standard_name: northward_eliassen_palm_flux_in_air
  • var_id: EPF_phi_qg_k3
  • names: northward_eliassen_palm_flux_in_air
  • units: m s-1
  • standard_name: northward_wind
  • var_id: v
  • names: northward_wind
  • units: m s-2
  • standard_name: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_advection_of_zonal_momentum_by_northward_residual_circulation
  • var_id: uvstar
  • names: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_advection_of_zonal_momentum_by_northward_residual_circulation
  • units: m s-2
  • standard_name: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_advection_of_zonal_momentum_by_vertical_residual_circulation
  • var_id: uomegastar
  • names: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_advection_of_zonal_momentum_by_vertical_residual_circulation
  • units: m s-2
  • var_id: fv
  • standard_name: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_coriolis_torque
  • names: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_coriolis_torque
  • units: m s-2
  • standard_name: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_coriolis_torque_resulting_from_northward_residual_circulation
  • var_id: fvstar
  • names: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_coriolis_torque_resulting_from_northward_residual_circulation
  • units: m s-2
  • standard_name: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_eliassen_palm_flux_divergence
  • var_id: EPFD_phi_qg_k3
  • names: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_eliassen_palm_flux_divergence
  • var_id: uv
  • units: m s-2
  • standard_name: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_meridional_advection_of_zonal_momentum
  • names: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_meridional_advection_of_zonal_momentum
  • units: m s-2
  • standard_name: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_vertical_advection_of_zonal_momentum
  • var_id: uw
  • names: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_vertical_advection_of_zonal_momentum
  • units: m s-2
  • standard_name: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_vertical_momentum_flux_convergence
  • var_id: vertflux_k3
  • names: tendency_of_eastward_wind_due_to_vertical_momentum_flux_convergence
  • standard_name: upward_eliassen_palm_flux_in_air
  • units: m2 s-2 Pa
  • var_id: EPF_p_pr_k3
  • names: upward_eliassen_palm_flux_in_air
  • units: Pa s-1
  • standard_name: vertical_residual_circulation
  • var_id: omegastar
  • names: vertical_residual_circulation
  • units: m Pa s-2
  • standard_name: zonal_covariance_of_eastward_wind_and_lagrangian_tendency_of_air_pressure
  • var_id: uomega_k3
  • names: zonal_covariance_of_eastward_wind_and_lagrangian_tendency_of_air_pressure
  • units: m2 s-2
  • standard_name: zonal_covariance_of_eastward_wind_and_northward_wind
  • var_id: uv_k3
  • names: zonal_covariance_of_eastward_wind_and_northward_wind
  • units: m K s-1
  • standard_name: zonal_covariance_of_northward_wind_and_air_temperature
  • var_id: vt_k3
  • names: zonal_covariance_of_northward_wind_and_air_temperature
  • units: K Pa s-1
  • standard_name: zonal_covariance_of_temperature_and_lagrangian_tendency_of_air_pressure
  • var_id: tomega_k3
  • names: zonal_covariance_of_temperature_and_lagrangian_tendency_of_air_pressure
  • units: m2 s-2
  • standard_name: zonal_variance_of_eastward_wind
  • var_id: uu_k3
  • names: zonal_variance_of_eastward_wind
  • units: m2 s-2
  • standard_name: zonal_variance_of_northward_wind
  • var_id: vv_k3
  • names: zonal_variance_of_northward_wind
  • units: K2
  • standard_name: zonal_variance_of_temperature
  • var_id: tt_k3
  • names: zonal_variance_of_temperature

Co-ordinate Variables

  • units: degree_north
  • standard_name: latitude
  • var_id: latitude
  • names: latitude
  • standard_name: time
  • var_id: time
  • names: time
Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent