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Dataset Collection


High accuracy line intensity data for carbon dioxide

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High accuracy line intensity for carbon dioxide project was NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) funded. The aim of the project was to provide an accurate theoretical solution to the problem of CO2 line intensities based on the application of high accuracy, first principles quantum mechanical calculations for the intensities and experimental data for the line positions.

This dataset collection contains measurements of high accuracy line intensity for carbon dioxide.

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations are being closely monitored by remote sensing experiments which rely on knowing line intensities with an uncertainty of 0.5% or better. Most available laboratory measurements have uncertainties much larger than this. The generated data is a result of a joint experimental and theoretical study providing rotation-vibration line intensities with the required accuracy. The calculations are extendable to all atmospherically important bands of CO2 and to its isotologues. As such, they will form the basis for detailed CO2 spectroscopic line lists for future studies.

Citable as:Tennyson, J. (2015): High accuracy line intensity data for carbon dioxide. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
Abbreviation: hi-acc-co2-coll
Keywords: CO2, carbon dioxide, nerc, line intensities


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