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ACCACIA: SHIP Aerodyne Sulphate Aerosol Mass Spectrometer recordings

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Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2015-09-17
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ACCACIA was part of the NERC Arctic research programme. (NERC Reference: NE/I028858/1). ACCACIA aimed to improve our understanding of aerosol-cloud interactions in the Arctic, and the potential changes and feedbacks that may result from decreasing Arctic sea ice cover in the future. In situ measurements have been made during two field campaigns utilising ship-based measurements of surface aerosol sources and airborne measurements of aerosol and cloud microphysical properties, boundary layer dynamics, and radiative forcing. The observations have been complemented by modelling studies on a range of scales: from explicit aerosol and cloud microphysics process modelling, through large eddy simulation and mesoscale models, up to global climate models.

This dataset contains sulphate and organic measurements from instruments onboard RRS James Clark Ross ship cruise identifier JR20130713 (JR288).

Citable as:  Liu, D.; McFiggans, G.B.; Allan, J.D. (2015): ACCACIA: SHIP Aerodyne Sulphate Aerosol Mass Spectrometer recordings. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: ARP-ACCACIA-SHIP
Keywords: ACCACIA, SHIP, spectrometer, arctic


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Data lineage:

Data provided by the University of Manchester (instrument operator).

File Format:
Data are netCDF formatted

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Process overview

This dataset was generated by instruments deployed on platforms as listed below.

Mobile platform operations

Mobile Platform Operation 1 RRS James Clark Ross ship
Output Description None
  • units: ng m-3
  • var_id: incand_mass
  • long_name: BC Mass Concentration (within detectable size)
  • names: BC Mass Concentration (within detectable size)
  • units: ng m-3
  • long_name: BC Mass Matrix in dM/dLogD
  • var_id: incand_mass_m
  • names: BC Mass Matrix in dM/dLogD
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: BC Number Matrix in dN/dLogD
  • var_id: incand_n_m
  • names: BC Number Matrix in dN/dLogD
  • units: cm-3
  • long_name: BC number Concentration (within detectable size)
  • var_id: incand_n
  • names: BC number Concentration (within detectable size)
  • units: sec
  • long_name: Ending time
  • var_id: time_e
  • names: Ending time
  • units: N degree
  • var_id: lat
  • long_name: Latitude
  • names: Latitude
  • var_id: lon
  • units: E degree
  • long_name: Longitude
  • names: Longitude
  • units: sec
  • long_name: Mid UTC time from 00:00:00 01/01/1904
  • var_id: time_utc
  • names: Mid UTC time from 00:00:00 01/01/1904
  • units: sec
  • long_name: Mid time
  • var_id: time_m
  • names: Mid time
  • long_name: Organic
  • var_id: ORG
  • units: �g m-3
  • names: Organic
  • units: sec
  • long_name: Starting time
  • var_id: time_s
  • names: Starting time
  • long_name: Sulphate
  • var_id: SO4
  • units: �g m-3
  • names: Sulphate
  • var_id: dp_mid
  • units: �m
  • long_name: dp midpoint
  • names: dp midpoint

Co-ordinate Variables

Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent