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(APHH India) Megacity Delhi atmospheric emission quantification, assessment and impacts (DelhiFlux)

Status: completed
Publication State: published


The project, part of the Air Pollution & Human Health in a Developing Indian Megacity (APHH-India) programme, has four specific objectives:

To improve the emission factor database for key source types and compounds in Delhi through a combination of lab and field based emission factor measurements, using harmonised instrumentation.

To compile a state-of-the-art emission inventory for the greater Delhi area at a spatial resolution of (1.6 km)2, together with temporal profiles of the diurnal and seasonal variability.
To inform and evaluate this emission inventory through direct and independent emission flux measurements at the urban scale (~10 km2).
To apply atmospheric transport modelling to assess the performance of the emission inventory against concentration measurements and quantify the implications of the emissions improvements for air quality indicators.

Grant Ref: NE/P016472/1

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Keywords: APHH, Delhiflux


Keywords: APHH, Delhiflux
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