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UTLS-Ozone SLIMCAT: Chemistry-Transport Model Output

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The SLIMCAT (Single Layer Isentropic Model of Chemistry And Transport) Reference Atmosphere for UTLS-Ozone was a set of example output from the SLIMCAT three-dimensional chemical transport model (CTM). It includes three-dimensional global fields of chemical (and sometimes meteorological) variables as computed for twelve dates in 1997, near the middle of each month.

This data set includes 12 files, each of them corresponding to one output time near the middle of each month of Year 1997 (12 Jan, 11 Feb, 13 Mar, 12 Apr, 12 May, 11 Jun, 11 Jul, 10 Aug, 19 Sept, 19 Oct, 18 Nov, 18 Dec). Each file contains the calculated 3-D distribution of 37 chemical species or families and 6 meteorological variables. The model used is the SLIMCAT chemistry transport model (CTM). The model was run from October 1991 and forced by the UK Met Office analyses. The model used 18 isentropic levels. The vertical coordinate in the data files is the globally averaged altitude. The real lat/lon-dependent altitude is given in the ALT field recorded in the files. The THETA field gives the real model theta levels (which are constant with latitude/longitude).

Data from Martyn Chipperfield, University of Leeds. NERC Research Programme UTLS-Ozone (Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere) and National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO).

Citable as:NERC UTLS SLIMCAT campaign participants; University of Leeds; Chipperfield, M. (2002): UTLS-Ozone SLIMCAT: Chemistry-Transport Model Output. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: SLIMUTLS


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