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Update Frequency: As Needed
Latest Data Update: 2014-09-28
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2014-10-28


Database of Geophysical parameters/indices covering the whole Solar-Terrestrial environment from 1932 onward. These are solar and interplanetary parameters, as well as geomagnetic indices and ionospheric indices. The geophysical data is served and stored by the World Data Centre (WDC) at the UK Solar System Data Centre (UKSSDC). The parameters available are: Solar - Bartels rotation number; C9, Cp; Solar 10.7cm flux; Solar coronal source flux; Sunspot number; Boulder, International, Meudon. Interplanetary - Interplanetary Magnetic Field, (Bx,By,Bz,B); Plasma density, temperature, flow. Geomagnetic Indices - aa, an, as, am; AE; Ap, Kp; Dst; Polar Cap Index; Thule, Vostok. Ionospheric Indices - IF2, IG.

Citable as:  World Data Centre; OMNIWeb; The International Service of Geomagnetic Indices; Solar Influences Data Analysis Center; UK Solar System Data Centre; International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy; Space Weather Prediction Center (2014): Geophysical Parameters and Indices Database. UK Solar System Data Centre, date of citation.
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The data are supplied to the UK Solar System Data Centre (UKSSDC) from a range of data providers, including International Service for Geomagnetic Indices (ISGI), Solar Influences Data Center (SIDC), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Space Weather Prediction Center (NOAA SWPC), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

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