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ARSF - Flight GB05/02: Dee Estuary

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ARSF project GB05/02: Air-sea and Sediment processes within the Hilbre Coastal Observatory. PI: Alex Souza. Site: Dee Estuary.

Abbreviation: ARSF_GB05_02
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Keywords: Not defined
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The Project is part of the POL science plan and aims to observe sediment transport dynamics within the Dee Estuary. As part of the POL Coastal Observatory an X-Band radar has been deployed at Hilbre Island to monitor bathymetric changes at the mouth of the Dee Estuary. The study will also make a set of marine in-situ observations which are focused on studying the small scale processes, turbulence and SPM resuspension. Understanding these processes is important to predict the large scale variability. Three-dimensional numerical modelling will be used to help interpret the dynamics within the Estuary. The project will also study air-sea interaction and exchanges of momentum at the sea surface and sea-bed. The use of the NERC Aircraft will be of great advantage in giving a synoptic view of the SPM/CDOM and chlorophyll distributions within the Estuary, as well as providing us with high-resolution bathymetry of the intertidal area. The overlapping aerial photographs will also give information about wave refraction over this area: if the wind speed is sufficiently high they will give white cap coverage and the speed of propagation of the breaking wave fronts.

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