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Defra and JNCC Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data (ARD)

Latest Data Update: 2023-06-16
Status: Ongoing
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2020-03-30
Download Stats: last 12 months
Dataset Size: 352.37K Files | 55TB


These data have been created by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) in order to cost-effectively provide high quality, Analysis Ready Data (ARD) for a wide range of applications. The dataset contains modified Copernicus Sentinel-2 (Level 1C data processed into a surface reflectance product (Level 2)). Defra and JNCC data were processed on separate platforms using a common specification to produce complementary outputs up to and including the acquisition date 23/06/2023. Data acquired after that date were processed on a single platform to the same specification.

The majority of data captured between July 2015 and August 2017 was processed by Aberystwyth University for Defra and later updated by JNCC to the same specification as the rest of this dataset. Please see the image-level metadata for details of data lineage and processing.

The Sentinel-2 ARD filename format was changed in April 2023. Filenames of data acquired on or after 01/04/2023 include the timestamp of data generation and display image latitude and longitude to a consistent number of significant figures preceded by ‘n’ (North) and ‘e/w’ (East / West). Filenames of data acquired before this date do not include the data generation timestamp and display latitude and longitude to varying significant figures not preceded by ‘n’ and ‘e/w’.

Citable as:  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs; Joint Nature Conservation Committee (2020): Defra and JNCC Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data (ARD). Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: Analysis Ready Data, Sentinel, Surface Reflectance, ARD


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Public data: access to these data is available to both registered and non-registered users.
Use of these data is covered by the following licence: When using these data you must cite them correctly using the citation given on the CEDA Data Catalogue record.
Data lineage:

Data were produced by the project team and supplied for archiving at the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA).

Data Quality:
Data are as given by the data provider, no quality control has been performed by the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA).
File Format:
These data are provided in Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) format. Each product comes with valid pixel, topographic shadow, saturated pixel and cloud masks and metadata files

Process overview

This dataset was generated by a combination of instruments deployed on platforms and computations as detailed below.

Instrument/Platform pairings

Sentinel 2 Multispectral Instrument (MSI) Deployed on: Sentinel 2B

Instrument/Platform pairings

Sentinel 2 Multispectral Instrument (MSI) Deployed on: Sentinel 2A

Computation Element: 1

Title Computation for Defra and JNCC Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data
Abstract Sentinel-2 Level 1C products processed into a Level 2 surface reflectance product using ARCSI ( ). Processing used the following steps: re-projection to either OSGB 1936/British National Grid (EPSG27700) or TM65/Irish Grid (EPSG:29902), band sharpening to 10m (removing the native 60m ESA Bands 1, 9 and 10), cloud masking, atmospheric correction and topographic correction using either the Aerial Photography Great Britain (APGB) 10m resolution DEM or the Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) 10m resolution DEM. Please see individual image metadata for the versions of software used in processing.
Input Description Sentinel-2 Multispectral Instrument (MSI) Level 1C data
Output Description Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance products
Software Reference None
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Output Description


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