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Dataset Collection


ESA Land Cover Climate Change Initiative (Land Cover CCI) Dataset Collection

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The Land Cover CCI has generated a number of data products as part of its Climate Data Research Package. These consist of:

- A new time series of consistent global LC maps at 300 m spatial resolution on an annual basis from 1992 to 2015;
- 1 user tool for sub-setting, re-projecting and re-sampling the products in a way which is suitable to each climate model.
- The full archive of AVHRR HRPT 1 km surface reflectance 7-day composites from 1992 to 1999;
- The full archive of MERIS surface reflectance 7-day composites from 2003 to 2011 (300 m and 1 km resolution);
- A PROBA-V 1 km time series of surface reflectance 7-day composites from mid March 2014 to end 2015;
- 1 static map of open water bodies including ENVISAT ASAR data;
- 3 global land surface seasonality products characterizing the vegetation greenness, the snow and the burned areas dynamics.

In the context of the CCI Open Data portal, a subset of these data products are held within the CEDA archive.

The complete set of data products are available from the CCI Landcover team via their portal at:

Citable as:ESA Land Cover CCI project team; Defourny, P. (2016): ESA Land Cover Climate Change Initiative (Land Cover CCI) Dataset Collection. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
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Keywords: ESA, Land Cover, CCI, ECV


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