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University of Leeds: Heitronics KT15 IR temperature sensor 2

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The University of Leeds Heitronics KT15 IR temperature sensor (number 2) is a digital, compact, programmable and universally applicable radiation pyrometer series with comprehensive and flexible functions for industrial temperature monitoring and control. It measures surface temperature remotely from infra red radiation.

The KT15.85 IIP model is able to measure between -25 and 200 °C.

Data are measured and outputted at 1Hz.

It features:
- Extreme high stability due to Chopped Radiation Method
- Very high resolution 0.03 °C
- Fast response times from 5 ms on low temperatures
- Very high linearization accuracy (0.02K)
- Fields-of-view from 0.7 mm at low temperatures allow high optical resolutions
- Permanent self-monitoring routines ensure a reliable operation
- Integrated calibration routine allows for fast and reliable control of the device.

Abbreviation: leeds-kt15-ir-2
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