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Cirrus and Anvils: European Satellite and Airborne Radiation (CAESAR) project

Status: completed
Publication State: published


The CAESAR project aimed to investigate the radiative properties of cirrus cloud over a wide range of wavelengths in combination with airborne in situ measurements of cirrus microphysical properties. Flights using the FAAM BAE-146 were used to observe frontal and anvil cirrus co-incident with the CloudSat Aqua-train and AATSR satellites over the Chilbolton cloud radars and lidars as well as ocean/sea surrounding the UK. Aircraft measurements were used to obtain vertical and horizontal distribution of ice crystal size, shape and IWC during summer and winter periods.

Abbreviation: caesar, CAESAR
Keywords: CAESAR, FAAM, Clouds, meteorology


Keywords: CAESAR, FAAM, Clouds, meteorology
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