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Option 6 of the ESA Glaciers_cci project: An Inventory of Ice-Marginal Lakes in Greenland

Status: ongoing
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This project was undertaken as part of the ESA Glaciers Climate Change Initiative project.

The objective of this project is to construct a comprehensive inventory of ice-marginal lakes for Greenland that can be used to assess the spatial trends, relations, and impacts of ice marginal lakes in the context of a warming climate. The inventory of ice marginal lakes is of great relevance for extreme outburst flood events, keeping meltwater away from the oceans, impact on the evolution of glaciers in terms of area and volume (frontal feedback mechanisms), and to modelling glacier dynamics and glacier/climate interactions.

The inventory will contribute to the essential climate variable 'Lakes' and has been generated by the ESA project Glaciers_cci under Option 6, which is an addition to the baseline proposal

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