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Los Gatos Research WVIS

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A Los Gatos Research WVIS analyzer and WVSS for calibration were operated in a building at the harbour of Husavik (66.0464 deg N, 17.3445 deg W) from 28 Feb 2018 to 28 April 2018. The inlet was a copper tube, heated to 60 degrees C, mounted at 5 m at the outside of the building, with an overall tubing length of 10 m. A pump provided flow rate of 0.5 slpm. Calibrations were performed every 2 hours using an internal laboratory standard GV, calibrated on the VSMOV2-SLAP2 scale (d18O: -8.57 permil, dD: -58.31 permil). In addition, a water vapour concentration analysis was performed at the start of the measurement period from 28 Feb to 01 Mar and from 24 Apr to 27 Apr. During the period from 23 Mar to 18 Apr, a problem with the injection of the standard reduced the the precision and accuracy of d18O measurements.

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