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ESA Permafrost Climate Change Initiative (Permafrost_cci): Permafrost Extent for the Northern Hemisphere, v1.0

Latest Data Update: 2019-12-05
Status: Superseded
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Citable
Publication Date: 2019-12-06
DOI Publication Date: 2019-12-19
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Dataset Size: 15 Files | 2GB

This dataset has been superseded. See Latest Version here

This dataset contains permafrost extent data produced as part of the European Space Agency's (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Permafrost project. It forms part of the Beta version of their Climate Research Data Package (CRDP v0). It is derived from a thermal model driven and constrained by satellite data. Grid products of CDRP v0 are released in annual files, covering the start to the end of the Julian year. This corresponds to average annual ground temperatures which forms the basis for the retrieval of yearly fraction of permafrost-underlain and permafrost-free area within a pixel. A classification according to the IPA (International Permafrost Association) zonation delivers the well-known permafrost zones, distinguishing isolated (0-10%) sporadic (10-50%), discontinuous (50-90%) and continuous permafrost (90-100%). It covers the Northern Hemisphere (north of 30°) for the period 2003-2017.

Citable as:  Obu, J.; Westermann, S.; Barboux, C.; Bartsch, A.; Delaloye, R.; Grosse, G.; Heim, B.; Hugelius, G.; Irrgang, A.; Kääb, A.M.; Kroisleitner, C.; Matthes, H.; Nitze, I.; Pellet, C.; Seifert, F.M.; Strozzi, T.; Wegmüller, U.; Wieczorek, M.; Wiesmann, A. (2019): ESA Permafrost Climate Change Initiative (Permafrost_cci): Permafrost Extent for the Northern Hemisphere, v1.0. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, 19 December 2019. doi:10.5285/c7590fe40d8e44169d511c70a60ccbcc.
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Keywords: Permafrost, CCI, Permafrost Extent


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Data have been produced by the ESA CCI Permafrost project as part of ESA's Climate Change Initiative programme

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Data are as provided by the CCI Permafrost project. For further quality information see the permafrost CCI website and linked documentation
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Process overview

This dataset was generated by the computation detailed below.

Computation of Permafrost datsets by the ESA Permafrost CCI


The Permafrost CCI project is establishing Earth Observation (EO) based products for the permafrost Essential Climate Variable (ECV) spanning the last two decades. Since ground temperature and thaw depth cannot be directly observed from space-borne sensors, a variety of satellite and reanalysis data are combined in a ground thermal model. The algorithm uses remotely sensed data sets of Land Surface Temperature (MODIS LST/ ESA LST CCI) and landcover (ESA LandcoverCCI) to drive the transient permafrost model CryoGrid 2, which yields thaw depth and ground temperature at various depths, while ground temperature forms the basis for permafrost fraction.

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  • units: percent
  • var_id: PFR
  • var_id: polar_stereographic
  • units: m
  • var_id: x
  • standard_name: projection_x_coordinate
  • long_name: x coordinate of projection
  • names: projection_x_coordinate, x coordinate of projection
  • units: m
  • var_id: y
  • standard_name: projection_y_coordinate
  • long_name: y coordinate of projection
  • names: projection_y_coordinate, y coordinate of projection

Co-ordinate Variables