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University of Leeds Sparv S1H3 Windsond radiosonde 5094

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University of Leeds Sparv Embedded AB, model S1H3 "Extra accuracy humidity" Windsond radiosonde operated as part of the ICECAPS-ACE project.

Serial number: 5094

The radiosonde included an integrated GPS unit and measured air pressure, temperature, and relative humidity.

Instrument details from Sparv data sheet for the S1H3 model windsond:
Operating range: -40 ~ +80 °C, 0 ~ 100 %RH

Type: Band gap
Accuracy: 0.2 °C
Resolution: 0.01 °C
Response time: 6 s

Type: Capacitive
Accuracy: 1.8 %RH
Resolution: 0.05 %RH
Response time: 6 s

Abbreviation: leeds-windsond-5094
Keywords: radiosonde, tethered balloon

keywords:      radiosonde, tethered balloon
instrumentType:      Sonde
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