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FAAM AEOG : Demonstration of Comprehensive Approach to monitoring atmospheric Emissions from Oil and Gas installations

Status: ongoing
Publication State: working


This project will use the FAAM aircraft to collect a comprehensive, quality controlled dataset of emissions of CO2, CH4, NO, NO2, NOx, ethane, SO2 and H2S over a one year period from North Sea oil and gas installations.
These data will be compared with annual reported emissions from both the EEMS and initial permits, working with BEIS to assess how well operators are estimating their emissions.
Further, more targeted studies will be carried out to investigate causes of large differences between measured and reported emissions, including assessment of the influence of fugitive emissions and age of the installation.

NCAS will work with BEIS to target specific installations. One set of flights will be carried out prior to the intallation of a new platform off the coast of Shetland and then repeated once in place.

Abbreviation: AEOG, AEOG-3, AEOG-4
Keywords: AEOG, FAAM


Keywords: AEOG, FAAM
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