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Weighing trees with lasers project: Terrestrial Laser Scanner data collection

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This dataset collection is comprised of raw data from the NERC-funded, full waveform terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) deployed at sites on three continents, multiple countries and plot locations which, have been re-surveyed at different times. The terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) was able to scan 1000s of trees in tropical forests on three continents: including Amazonia, the Congo Basin and SE Asia. The laser data measured 3D tree volume and biomass non-destructively to within a few percent of the best current estimates, made by destructive harvesting and weighing.

The project scanned all trees in multiple permanent sample plots (PSPs) spanning a range of soil fertility and productivity gradients (24 x 1 ha PSPs in total). The aim of the weighing trees with lasers project is to test if current allometric relationships are invariant across continents, or whether they differ significantly, and require continental level models; quantify the impact of assumptions of tree shape and wood density on tropical forest allometry; test hypotheses relating to pan-tropical differences in observed AGB from satellite and field data. It also aims to apply new knowledge to assessing retrieval accuracy of forthcoming ESA BIOMASS and NASA GEDI missions and providing calibration datasets; In addition to testing the capability of low-cost instruments to augment TLS data including: UAVs for mapping cover and canopy height; low-cost lidar instruments to assess biomass rapidly, at lower accuracy.

Citable as:[ PROVISIONAL ] Disney, M.; Burt, A. (9999): Weighing trees with lasers project: Terrestrial Laser Scanner data collection. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
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Keywords: terrestrial laser scanner, raw data, wood density, forest


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