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HadEX3: Global land-surface climate extremes indices

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HadEX3 is a land-surface dataset of climate extremes indices available on a 1.875 x 1.25 longitude-latitude grid covering 1901-2018. These 29 indices have been developed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI). Indices are available on an annual, and for some a monthly, basis. Some indices use a reference period to calculate thresholds, and for these, we provide versions using 1961-90 and 1981-2010.

The indices are available in NetCDF files, with one index per file and separate files for annual and monthly values, as well as the different reference periods if appropriate. The codes used to create the dataset are available online, and a wide number of analysis plots are on the dataset homepage. For a detailed description of the methods behind the dataset, please see the paper in Details/Docs.

Citable as:Dunn, R.J.H.; Alexander, L.; Donat, M.; Zhang, X.; Bador, M.; Herold, N.; Lippmann, T.; Allan, R.J.; Aguilar, E.; Aziz, A.; Brunet, M.; Caesar, J.; Chagnaud, G.; Cheng, V.; Cinco, T.; Durre, I.; de Guzman, R.; Htay, T.M.; Wan Ibadullah, W.M.; Bin Ibrahim, M.K.I.; Khoshkam, M.; Kruge, A.; Kubota, H.; Leng, T.W.; Lim, G.; Li-Sha, L.; Marengo, J.; Mbatha, S.; McGree, S.; Menne, M.; de los Milagros Skansi, M.; Ngwenya, S.; Nkrumah, F.; Oonariya, C.; Pabon-Caicedo, J.D.; Panthou, G.; Pham, C.; Rahimzadeh, F.; Ramos, A.; Salgado, E.; Salinger, J.; Sane, Y.; Sopaheluwakan, A.; Srivastava, A.; Sun, Y.; Trimbal, B.; Trachow, N.; Trewin, B.; van der Schrier, G.; Vazquez-Aguirre, J.; Vasquez, R.; Villarroel, C.; Vincent, L.; Vischel, T.; Vose, R.; Bin Hj Yussof, M.N.A. (2020): HadEX3: Global land-surface climate extremes indices. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
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Keywords: HadEX3, indicies, temperature, monthly, annual, land, surface, climate


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