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The Polar Pathfinder Sampler (PPSM): Combined AVHRR, SMMR-SSM/I and TOVS Time Series

Status: completed
Publication State: published


The AVHRR, SMMR-SSM/I and TOVS Polar Pathfinder research teams collaborated to make it as easy as possible to use Polar Pathfinder data sets together by employing a common projection, namely the NSIDC Equal-Area Scalable Earth-Grid (EASE-Grid), and validation methods to develop consistently processed data sets that are easy to combine, compare and contrast. This CD-ROM includes sample data, time-series visualizations, and browse products, for temporal and spatial subsets of the AVHRR, SMMR-SSM/I and TOVS data sets, to illustrate the types of products available for the various data sets.

Abbreviation: PPSM-project
Keywords: PPSM


Keywords: PPSM
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