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Deriving Emissions related to Climate Change Network: CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6 and CO measurements from Bilsdale Tall Tower, North York Moors National Park

Latest Data Update: 2022-12-12
Status: Ongoing
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2019-09-04
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Dataset Size: 66 Files | 576MB

This dataset has been superseded. See Latest Version here

High frequency measurements of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and carbon monoxide (CO) made at Bilsdale Tall Tower, North York Moors National Park were made for the UK-DECC (Deriving Emissions related to Climate Change) Network.

Bilsdale (BSD) tall tower is in a remote area of the North York Moors National Park and is the first monitoring site in the northeast region of England. The closest large conurbations are York and Middlesbrough, located 30 miles south and 16 miles northeast, respectively. The tower is on a high plateau overlooking green valleys used mainly for livestock (sheep and cattle). Between 2014-01-01 and 2017-03-17, air samples are taken from a line sampling 108 m above ground level. From 2017-03-17 onwards, air was sampled from 248 m above ground level. Due to the sites location, far from strong sources of local pollution, measurements from this site will be used to calculate emission maps of trace gas species in the UK in combination with other measurement stations in the UK (Ridge Hill, Tacolneston and Heathfield) and Ireland (Mace Head).

This work was funded by Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) contracts TRN1028/06/2015 and TRN1537/06/2018 to the University of Bristol.

Citable as:  O'Doherty, S.; Say, D.; Stanley, K.; Young, D.; Pitt, J.; Wenger, A. (2019): Deriving Emissions related to Climate Change Network: CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6 and CO measurements from Bilsdale Tall Tower, North York Moors National Park. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: UK-DECC, Bilsdale, trace gas


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Process overview

This dataset was generated by instruments deployed on platforms as listed below.
Output Description

High-frequency measurements of all major greenhouse gases in NetCDF

  • standard_name: mole_fraction_of_carbon_dioxide_in_air
  • units: 1e-6
  • var_id: co2
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_carbon_dioxide_in_air
  • names: mole_fraction_of_carbon_dioxide_in_air, mole fraction of carbon dioxide in air
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_carbon_dioxide_in_air_number_of_observations
  • var_id: co2_number_of_observations
  • names: mole_fraction_of_carbon_dioxide_in_air_number_of_observations
  • units: 1e-6
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_carbon_dioxide_in_air_variability
  • var_id: co2_variability
  • names: mole_fraction_of_carbon_dioxide_in_air_variability
  • standard_name: mole_fraction_of_carbon_monoxide_in_air
  • var_id: co
  • units: 1e-6
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_carbon_monoxide_in_air
  • names: mole_fraction_of_carbon_monoxide_in_air, mole fraction of carbon monoxide in air
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_carbon_monoxide_in_air_number_of_observations
  • var_id: co_number_of_observations
  • names: mole_fraction_of_carbon_monoxide_in_air_number_of_observations
  • units: 1e-9
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_carbon_monoxide_in_air_variability
  • var_id: co_variability
  • names: mole_fraction_of_carbon_monoxide_in_air_variability
  • units: 1e-9
  • standard_name: mole_fraction_of_methane_in_air
  • var_id: ch4
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_methane_in_air
  • names: mole_fraction_of_methane_in_air, mole fraction of methane in air
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_methane_in_air_number_of_observations
  • var_id: ch4_number_of_observations
  • names: mole_fraction_of_methane_in_air_number_of_observations
  • units: 1e-9
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_methane_in_air_variability
  • var_id: ch4_variability
  • names: mole_fraction_of_methane_in_air_variability
  • units: 1e-9
  • standard_name: mole_fraction_of_nitrous_oxide_in_air
  • var_id: n2o
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_nitrous_oxide_in_air
  • names: mole_fraction_of_nitrous_oxide_in_air, mole fraction of nitrous oxide in air
  • var_id: n2o_integration_flag
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_nitrous_oxide_in_air_integration_flag
  • names: mole_fraction_of_nitrous_oxide_in_air_integration_flag
  • units: 1e-9
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_nitrous_oxide_in_air_repeatability
  • var_id: n2o_repeatability
  • names: mole_fraction_of_nitrous_oxide_in_air_repeatability
  • var_id: n2o_status_flag
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_nitrous_oxide_in_air_status_flag
  • names: mole_fraction_of_nitrous_oxide_in_air_status_flag
  • units: 1e-12
  • standard_name: mole_fraction_of_sulfur_hexafluoride_in_air
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_sulfur_hexafluoride_in_air
  • var_id: sf6
  • names: mole_fraction_of_sulfur_hexafluoride_in_air, mole fraction of sulfur hexafluoride in air
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_sulfur_hexafluoride_in_air_integration_flag
  • var_id: sf6_integration_flag
  • names: mole_fraction_of_sulfur_hexafluoride_in_air_integration_flag
  • units: 1e-12
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_sulfur_hexafluoride_in_air_repeatability
  • var_id: sf6_repeatability
  • names: mole_fraction_of_sulfur_hexafluoride_in_air_repeatability
  • long_name: mole_fraction_of_sulfur_hexafluoride_in_air_status_flag
  • var_id: sf6_status_flag
  • names: mole_fraction_of_sulfur_hexafluoride_in_air_status_flag

Co-ordinate Variables

  • standard_name: time
  • var_id: time
  • names: time
Temporal Range
Start time:
End time:
Geographic Extent