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NERC MST Radar Facility Noctilucent Cloud camera

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The camera is operated between dusk and dawn (typically at 5 minute intervals) during the mid-summer months (principally June and July) with the aim of observing Noctilucent Cloiuds for scientific study. It is located within the Receive Cabin of the Chilbolton Observatory, Hampshire, UK
(51.145168°N,-1.4397500°E). It is approximately 4.3 m above the ground level,
which is approximately 84 m above mean sea level. The field of view (taking
the 1.6 crop factor of the camera into account) is 67.9° in the horizontal and
45.3° in the vertical. The centre of each image is directed towards an azimuth
of approximately +15°. However, since the camera body is not locked in place,
this value can vary by a few degrees (typically from one year to the
next). The azimuth at which stars reach their lowest elevation corresponds to
true north. This has been used to estimate an azimuth of +17.6° for where the
mast in th e foreground crosses the skyline. The +0.4° elevation of the skyline
has been measured with an inclinometer. Date-time information is derived from
the image capture computer and given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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