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NERC-ARF AsiaFENIX hyperspectral imager

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The AisaFENIX dual sensor delivers high-quality hyperspectral data available in visible and SWIR wavelengths (380 - 2500nm) in a single continuous image. AisaFENIX eliminates past challenges in 'full spectrum imaging'. It is a single optics imager, with two focal plane arrays always staring exactly the same spot of the object. Thus, there is no need for the co-alignment of two separate imagers with different distortions, sharpness, and FOV.

The patent pending AisaFENIX images the target in 380 - 2500nm spectral region through single front optics and single input slit, keeping all wavebands spatially, co-registered, independent of the distance to the target. AisaFENIX employs Specim's patent pending 'single optics dual channel imaging spectrograph' which, in spite of the single input slit, has two diffraction gratings, one optimised for VNIR and the second for SWIR region. Also, two focal plane arrays (FPA), a state of the art CMOS and cryogenically cooled Mercury Telluride Cadmium (MCT), are employed in order to maximise sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in the VNIR and SWIR spectral region.

The AsiaFENIX is operated by NERC-ARF on board the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Twin-Otter aircraft (Pre 2016 it was operated on board the NERC ARSF Dornier Do228-101 D-CALM Aircraft)

Abbreviation: arsf-fenix, arf-fenix
Keywords: EUFAR, hyperspectral, ARSF, NERC-ARF

keywords:      EUFAR, hyperspectral, ARSF, NERC-ARF
instrumentType:      Imager
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