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CCMVal-1: PMOD/WRC and ETHZ SOCOL model contribution to the WMO 2006 REF2 experiment

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Latest Data Update: 2006-11-01
Status: Completed
Online Status: ONLINE
Publication State: Published
Publication Date: 2014-08-18
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CCMVal was a large international effort to improve understanding of Chemistry-Climate Models (CCMs) and their underlying GCMs (General Circulation Models) through process-oriented evaluation, along with discussion and coordinated analysis of science results. The first round of CCMVal (CCMVal-1) evaluated only a limited set of key processes in the CCMs, focusing mainly on dynamics and transport.

This dataset contains SOCOL model output from the WMO 2006 REF2 experiment run by the Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos (PMOD/WRC) and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland.

Citable as:  Rozanov, E. (2014): CCMVal-1: PMOD/WRC and ETHZ SOCOL model contribution to the WMO 2006 REF2 experiment. NCAS British Atmospheric Data Centre, date of citation.
Abbreviation: Not defined
Keywords: CCMVal, climate, model, CCM's, GCM's


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CCMVAL-1 data were converted from original model format to ASCII by the modelling teams.

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Data are ASCII formatted

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This dataset was generated by the computation detailed below.

PMOD/WRC and ETHZ, Switzerland SOCOL model


PMOD/WRC and ETHZ, Switzerland SOCOL model

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