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T-NAWDEX (Pilot) - THORPEX - North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream

Status: completed
Publication State: published


T-NAWDEX (Pilot) - THORPEX - North Atlantic Waveguide and Downstream impact Experiment, 20 hours, Nov-Dec 2009 or Feb-Mar 2010.

This T-NAWDEX- Pilot project aims to measure the thermodynamic properties of structures where cloud and water vapour processes are most active within extratropical weather systems.
In particular the T-NAWDEX Pilot project will:

Test our ability to observe the thermodynamic properties of air (including gradients) within frontal systems in sufficient detail to estimate latent heat release, cloud microphysics, mixing and potential vorticity generation.
Further test the abilities of BAe146 to measure turbulent quantities (heat, moisture and momentum fluxes) in the atmospheric boundary layer.
Test typical sorties through developing fronts and warm conveyor belts embedded within baroclinic waves, in preparation for the international multi-aircraft T-NAWDEX experiment and any future research flying within frontal cyclones in the vicinity of the UK.
Instrument fit: Core Consoles. AVAPS, SAW, BBRs, Mini Lidar, Core chemistry. WAS. Cloud Physics: 2D-C, 2D-P, PCASP, Fast FSSP, SID2, SID3, CIP25, CIP100, CDP, FWVS, CCN Counter, TSI -3025- CPG, FWVS. Nephelometer, PSAP, Filters, Bag Sampling.

Abbreviation: T-NAWDEX
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